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25 Years of Amphion

25 years of Amphion

Combatting Non-Committal Listening

Anssi Hyvönen was bitten by the hi-fi bug even earlier than many others: he bought his first high-quality system at the tender age of 14.

With this, his trajectory was set: After a series of listening experiences, Hyvönen developed his own ideas and founded Amphion together with two partners in 1998. Since then, speakers have been produced in Koupio, Finland, which aim to impress with their clear, timeless design and honest, natural sound. During development, Hyvönen pay particular attention to achieving the best possible acoustic design in order to keep the crossover as simple as possible – which manifests in, among other things, the distinctive waveguide, a feature typical of Amphion that approximates the dispersion characteristics of the tweeter to those of the woofer.

25 Years of Amphion

Thanks to cost-efficient production and good dealer contacts, the brand has been growing slowly but steadily right from its inception. The sonic merits have not gone unnoticed in the professional sector either – so in 2014 an opportunity arose to develop studio monitor, which Amphion promptly met with the One12. Since then, pro audio has also been a mainstay of the company. Today, Amphion offers three series of living room-friendly and acoustically accomplished speakers and pursues the declared goal of moving people away from incessant background noise and towards active, enjoyable music listening. Congratulations on the 25th anniversary and our best wishes for this noble mission!

25 Years of Amphion


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