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Boerresen X1 Standmount Loudspeaker

Børresen X1

Standmount Loudspeaker

Børresen Introduces the X1: Where Sonic Excellence Meets Elegant Compact Design.

Boerresen X1 Standmount Loudspeaker

Børresen proudly unveils its latest innovation in the world of audio technology: the Børresen X1 standmount loudspeaker. As the newest addition to the esteemed X-series lineup, the X1 sets a new standard for compact elegance without compromising on the renowned Børresen sound quality.

Crafted by chief designer Michael Børresen, the new model stands as a testament to his vision that every individual deserves to experience the emotional depth of high-fidelity sound. With its sleek and compact design, the X1 is tailored for connoisseurs who appreciate both exceptional audio performance and striking aesthetics.

The Børresen X1 inherits the legacy of the award-winning X series, renowned for its exceptional sound reproduction and captivating design. Despite its compact profile, the X1 promises an unparalleled audio experience, seamlessly integrating into any home environment while delivering superior sound quality.

Boerresen X1 Standmount Loudspeaker

Trickle-Down Technology

At its core, the Børresen X1 incorporates cutting-edge technologies from the acclaimed M, O, and Z loudspeaker series, meticulously engineered to deliver an authentic and immersive musical experience. Featuring the exclusive Børresen X-Series ribbon tweeter and a 4.5-inch Børresen X-Series speaker driver, the X1 produces a rich, detailed, and dynamic soundstage that defies its compact size.

Designed with a clear aesthetic reference to Børresen’s sister company Aavik, the X1 boasts a stand and foot made of a natural-based composite material, ensuring unrivaled resonance control while staying true to Børresen’s design principles.

Boerresen X1 Standmount Loudspeaker

Michael Børresen expressed his dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence, stating, “The X1 is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. We’ve engineered a compact loudspeaker that doesn’t compromise on delivering an immersive and emotional musical experience.”

True to Børresen’s ethos of craftsmanship and innovation, the X1 offers music enthusiasts a gateway into the unparalleled sound universe of Børresen loudspeakers, blending refined design with exceptional sonic performance.

Available in black or white piano lacquer finishes, the X1 invites audiophiles to experience high-end music with remarkable dynamics, natural lightness, and emotional passion.

Boerresen X1 Standmount Loudspeaker


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