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Ferrum Erco Gen 2

Ferrum Erco DAC Gen 2

Headphone DAC Revamped

Ferrum Erco DAC Advances to Gen 2 with Extensive Firmware Update and Circuitry Enhancement.

Ferrum Erco Gen 2

In a groundbreaking development, Ferrum announces the evolution of the Ferrum Erco DAC to Gen 2, achieved through a significant firmware overhaul and crucial upgrades to its analog circuitry.

The reprogramming of Erco’s software, coupled with pivotal modifications in the analog circuitry, heralds the arrival of the enhanced Erco Gen 2. Positioned as an exceptional entry-level DAC, Erco Gen 2 bridges the gap toward the performance standards set by Wandla, Ferrum’s flagship converter, a remarkable achievement at an unbeatable price point of 1.795 (EUR/USD). To ensure accessibility, Ferrum has devised a program allowing existing Erco owners to upgrade their original units to Erco Gen 2 specifications, often at no additional cost.

The comprehensive reprogramming of the original Erco encompasses the implementation of an entirely new firmware structure, surpassing the realm of a typical firmware update. Leveraging insights gleaned from the development of the Serce platform, Ferrum has ingeniously integrated Serce’s code to elevate the original Erco to a level approaching its esteemed counterpart, Wandla. With Erco Gen 2, enthusiasts can now immerse themselves in their music like never before. Equipped with DSP equivalent to Wandla, Erco Gen 2 boasts features such as 768 kHz support, DSD512, enhanced DAC performance, and the inclusion of the preferred Wandla digital filter.

Analog and Digital Enhancements

Ferrum Erco Gen 2

Analog advancements in the Ferrum Erco DAC Gen 2 stem from Ferrum’s expertise in designing the new I/V converter for Wandla. With insights gained from this process, Erco Gen 2 benefits from crucial updates to the I/V converter, resulting in a more nuanced, natural, and captivating sound signature.

Digital enhancements in Erco Gen 2 are made possible by the device’s close resemblance to Ferrum’s Serce board, enabling the seamless porting of the full Serce software stack to Erco. This integration empowers Erco Gen 2 to operate akin to Serce, offering features such as the HQ Apodizing digital filter and bypassing of ESS filters, including MQA for non-MQA signals. Additionally, Erco Gen 2 boasts reduced intermodulation and intersample distortions, alongside adjusted output levels to meet Redbook standard on the line output and maximum output power on headphone outputs.

Excitingly, Ferrum ensures that current Erco owners can also reap the benefits of Gen 2 enhancements by offering a seamless upgrade path. Through a meticulous process, Ferrum certifies specialists can transform original Erco units into Erco Gen 2, aligning them with the performance standards of the latest iteration available in stores today.

Ferrum Erco Gen 2

Upgrading to ERCO to Gen 2

To initiate the upgrade process, Erco owners must submit their units to the local distributor or the European Ferrum headquarters. Detailed instructions will be provided upon application for the upgrade through the Ferrum website at www.ferrum.audio. For Ercos purchased after July 1st, the upgrade comes at no extra cost, excluding one-way shipping and handling fees. Upgraded Erco units will be shipped back to owners free of charge. For Ercos purchased before July 1st, 2023, a suggested upgrade fee of 195 EUR/USD will apply.


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