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Goldmund Telos 4800

Goldmund Telos 4800

Mono Power Amplifier

Goldmund introduces a new reference in high-end audio with the Telos 4800 mono power amplifier.

Goldmund Telos 4800

Swiss high-end manufacturer Goldmund proudly announces the launch of the Telos 4800 Mono Power Amplifier. This revolutionary addition to the renowned Goldmund collection combines the technical brilliance of the Telos 8800 in a more compact form, setting a new benchmark in high-fidelity audio for discerning audiophiles seeking the highest sound quality and precision.

Impressively Powerful…

Crafted with Goldmund’s legendary attention to detail, the Telos 4800 utilizes the latest developments in audio technology to set new standards for audio performance. With an impressive maximum output power of 1050 watts RMS into 8 ohms and an extremely low total harmonic distortion of less than 0.005% over 20 Hz to 20 kHz, this amplifier delivers unparalleled clarity and power. The dynamic range of 117 dB at a bandwidth of 22 kHz, ensures that the amp reproduces every subtle nuance of sound with exquisite accuracy. The Telos 4800 can drive even very low impedance speakers without distortion and adapts effortlessly to any speaker configuration.

…but whisper-quiet where it counts

With a damping factor of 600 at 1 kHz and a noise floor of less than 3 μV, the Telos 4800 offers an unparalleled listening experience, delivering an immaculately clean and detailed sound that is free from unwanted background noise. The amplifier’s gain is adjustable in 3 dB steps, allowing precise control and customization to suit individual preferences and audio setups. In response to the growing demand for higher capacitance and power, the Telos 4800 comes equipped with Goldmund’s innovative proprietary MKP capacitors with silver metallized polypropylene film capacitors and a solid copper ground plan. This state-of-the-art component ensures an extremely stable supply to the Mosfet output stage and guarantees optimum stability even with demanding loads.

Goldmund Telos 4800

The Telos 4800 is equipped with a fully analog circuit that ensures maximum thermal safety and short-circuit protection. In the event of a problem, the amplifier switches off immediately to protect both the speakers and the amplifier itself.

With its versatile connectivity options, the Telos 4800 is equipped with both analog and digital inputs, including RCA and XLR connectors, and can be seamlessly integrated into any high-end audio system. The rear panel features a universal mains socket, multiple output sockets and a ground lift switch, reflecting Goldmund’s commitment to combining functionality with ease of use. In addition, the RS232 command port and jack connector for triggers enhance the amplifier’s integration capabilities, making it ideal for demanding home audio installations.

The Telos 4800 embodies Goldmund’s aesthetic signature and is available in both elegant gray and sophisticated black. Its harmonious proportions harmoniously combine authenticity with avant-garde design. The improved, thicker panel structure compared to the previous collection enhances the amplifier’s operation, reinforces Goldmund’s mechanical grounding principles and embodies our commitment to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Goldmund Telos 4800

Availability and price

The Goldmund Telos 4800 is available now from authorized Goldmund dealers worldwide. The recommended retail price is CHF 220,000 excluding VAT.


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