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Kii Seven

Kii Audio Seven

Active System At The HIGH END 2024 In Munich

Kii Audio Introduces the Kii Seven at the HIGH END 2024 in Munich – a wireless music system that sets new standards in sound quality, connectivity, and ease of use.

Kii Seven

Kii Audio is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the new Kii Seven, a compact wireless music system with unrivaled performance and connectivity. Following the award-winning Kii Three path, the Kii Seven utilizes state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) and cardioid dispersion to adapt to any acoustic environment. Kii Seven offers wired and wireless connectivity, and can be used as a single unit, stereo pair, up to twelve speakers, or zones for multiroom/multizone placement or in an immersive Atmos system. The Kii Seven is available in two finishes: Fine Touch White and Fine Touch Dark Grey.

Each Kii Seven has four drivers: Two 6.5″ woofers, One 5″ midrange, and One 1″ dome tweeter mounted in a custom waveguide to control its directivity, increase efficiency, and reduce distortion. Six hundred (600) watts of amplification in each unit ensures ample headroom, incredible clarity, and realistic tonal balance. The Kii Seven Active Wave Focusing Technology offers a cardioid dispersion that significantly reduces room interference. Unlike most speakers, the Kii Seven directs the whole frequency range directly at the listener, providing superb detail and clarity.

The Kii Seven provides many connectivity options: Analog balanced XLR and TRS inputs, digital AES3, KiiLink for Kii Control, Bluetooth, and a plethora off streaming options such as Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Qobuz Connect (as a free online update when made available by Qobuz).

Kii Seven

Roon Tested

In addition, Kii Audio Seven is Roon Tested, allowing use of the popular music-management program. In the future, thanks to cloud-based platforms and automated processes, the Kii Seven will automatically receive software updates over the network, ensuring they remain up-to-date. The upcoming Kii Home app will enable multizone operation and full customization of multiple speaker settings.

Besides providing unlimited options for home entertainment use, Kii Seven is also perfect in professional environments as a compact, high-performance studio monitoring system for stereo or immersive Dolby Atmos installations.

The Kii Seven’s premiere outing will take place during High-End Munich, May 9-12, in the Zeppelin Lounge at MotorWorld, a short walk from the MOC at Am Ausbesserungswerk 8, 80939, Munich. We invite all press, dealers, distributors, and consumers to see and hear the new standard in wireless music systems. In the US, the MSRP for a Kii Seven Solo is $3,895; a Kii Seven pair is $7,790. A Kii Seven system, including a pair of speakers, the Kii Control, and all necessary cables, is $8,585.

Kii Seven


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