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Mo-Sound by Audio Tuning


Audio Tuning Distribution Group Has A New Brand

The Audio Tuning distribution group is expanding.

“One segment which we’ve always been exploring has been the lifestyle side of the audio business. We need to excite new customers with whom we can share the fascination of Hifi Stereo”, states Heinz Lichtenegger. Unlike many other companies, however, he does not want to go the way of neglecting the principle of true audio. Some years ago, Heinz Lichtenegger met Roland Jaklitsch, a designer and audio freak. He had similar ideals and founded his brand Mo-Sound, a concept speaker brand around true audio ideas but also a lifestyle concept that attracts modern customers and those keen on design.

Mo-Sound by Audio Tuning

Jaklitsch created speaker cabinets out of natural materials like ceramic, which have perfect acoustic attributes and look and feel very good. He realized very soon that Pro-ject, with it’s turntables and amps, is his perfect partner. So over many years, he sold his products in a hip shop in Vienna’s 7th district, which we also call the “green” district. He generated more internet presence and followers in Austria than any other audio brand.

Ronald decided for a change in his life and business, so he searched for somebody to take care of his brand and continue pursuing his ideas. The Audio Tuning Group will invest in the brand and introduce more products in a wider price range and new eco-friendly materials. The sound is excellent: open, dynamic, and remarkably three-dimensional since it utilizes a point source driver.

For larger rooms or rock and pop music, Audio Tuning recommends using a Pro-Ject Sub 50 woofer. The MaiA or Stereobox BT complement this package perfectly, according to Audio Tuning.

About Mo-Sound

Mo-Sound create innovative audio systems for sound aesthetes. The porcelain ball speakers are a harmonious and unique fusion of audio technology and porcelain art to create an absolutely sublime sound experience. Pure design, authentic sound, and continuous development make Mo-Sound stand out.


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