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Estelon Aura New Finishes

New Finishes for Estelon Aura

Estelon Introduces Exciting New Finish Options for the Aura Model

Estelon Aura New Finishes

Renowned Estonian luxury speaker brand, Estelon, is delighted to reveal a captivating range of fresh new finishes for the groundbreaking Estelon Aura model, originally available in a White finish. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to advancing the standards of audio design, these enticing additions promise to elevate both the aesthetic and auditory encounters for enthusiasts worldwide.

The Aura model, already lauded for its outstanding performance and streamlined design, now introduces a splendid spectrum of optional colors, including Black Gloss, Iron Grey, Starlight, Horizon Blue, and Amber Elegance. Each high-gloss finish undergoes meticulous hand-painting by skilled artisans. This diverse palette empowers customers to seamlessly integrate their audio system with their unique tastes and interior decor.

The New Finishes for the Estelon Aura

  • Black Gloss: A timeless, bold choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.
  • Horizon Blue: A deep, rich hue that brings a sense of tranquility and refinement to the room.
  • Iron Grey: Elegant, modern, and ideal for those seeking a sleek and versatile aesthetic.
  • Amber Elegance: A touch of warmth and luxury, exuding classic charm.
  • Starlight: Warm and inviting, creating a cozy atmosphere and contemporary look.
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These novel finishes not only enhance the visual allure of the Aura model but also provide an avenue for customers to articulate their style preferences, exemplifying the company’s dedication to delivering a distinctive and luxurious experience.

In addition to the standard and special finishes, Estelon is excited to present custom finishes, enabling customers to further personalize their speakers. This bespoke service caters to individuals with specific visions, ensuring their audio equipment harmonizes seamlessly with their lifestyle and aesthetic inclinations. Estelon dealers will collaborate with clients, offering detailed information on bespoke finish possibilities.

The Aura model, featuring its new optional finishes, is now available for immediate purchase, allowing audio enthusiasts to revel in the unparalleled combination of sonic excellence and visual allure. For inquiries, please contact your local dealer or distributor by clicking on this link.

Estelon Aura New Finishes

Estelon remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of luxury audio.

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