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Stenheim Alumine Two.Five launch event

Stenheim Alumine Two.Five Launch Event

Today, November 30th 2023, Stenheim will debut its newest high-performance loudspeaker at New York City’s famed Power Station recording studio.

Stenheim Alumine Two.Five launch event

Renowned for its use of aluminum enclosures and high-efficiency drivers that bring out the innate beauty and elegance of the finest recordings, the Switzerland-based speaker company Stenheim will unveil the Alumine Two.Five — a passive two-way, floor-standing speaker — at an exclusive press event.

The Alumine Two.Five marks a thrilling addition to the esteemed Alumine lineup. Originating with the groundbreaking Alumine Two in 2010, which revolutionized speaker design and redefined the capabilities of bookshelf speakers, the Alumine Two.Five maintains the purity and elegance that fueled the success of its predecessor. However, it introduces dual bass drivers to produce expansive sound in larger spaces. The outcome is captivating music characterized by Stenheim’s trademark clarity, intricacy, and vivacity.

“The Alumine Two.Five is an important introduction for us because it builds on the concepts behind our very first speaker, the Alumine Two, and applies it to a floor-standing product giving greater extension in the low frequencies,” said Jean-Pascal Panchard, CEO-Owner, Stenheim SuisseSA. “The Alumine Two.Five takes everything that made the Alumine Two such an iconic, ground-breaking speaker and delivers it in a room-filling package.”

Stenheim Alumine Two.Five launch event

Its slender, elegantly crafted cabinet exudes timeless charm, making it a splendid addition to any listening space or living area. Additionally, its high efficiency renders it compatible with a wide spectrum of music systems.

The Alumine Two.Five will be available for purchase starting December 1st.

Find more info on the Stenheim Alumine Two.Five here.

About Power Station at BerkleeNYC

Stenheim Alumine Two.Five launch event

Formerly a power station serving Manhattan’s elevated train, now the Highline, The Power Station Studio traces its roots to 1977 when it was established as Avatar Studios. Originally conceived by legendary producer Tony Bongiovi, the studio has produced iconic recordings by stars such as Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, The Rolling Stones or Herbie Hancock. Renovated and equipped with cutting-edge technology, and now under the BerkleeNYC umbrella, the Power Station continues to produce landmark recordings.

Power Station recording studio

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