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Tannoy at AXPONA 2024

Tannoy at AXPONA 2024

Tannoy, an esteemed figure in the realm of loudspeaker innovation and audio excellence with a legacy tracing back to 1926, announces its participation in AXPONA 2024 (April 12-14).

In demonstration rooms 660 and 664, Tannoy, alongside its US partner Rhythm Distribution, will be present at AXPONA 2024. The selection of four recently unveiled loudspeaker models presented embodies the pinnacle of British design and engineering prowess. Among the showcased offerings are the Stirling III LZ Special Edition, embodying cutting-edge Tannoy technologies. Also present is the Super Gold Monitor series, including the SGM 10, SGM 12, and SGM 15 models, which draw inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage.

Attendees at AXPONA 2024 will have the opportunity to explore these latest innovations firsthand, experiencing the superior sound quality and craftsmanship synonymous with the Tannoy name.

The showcased models are currently available through Tannoy’s network of authorized retailers, with pricing details as follows:

  • Stirling III LZ Special Edition: $12,500/£11,995/€12,500
  • SGM 10: $5,998/£5,995/€5,998
  • SGM 12: $7,998/£8,249/€7,998
  • SGM 15: $11,998/£11,495/€11,998

Tannoy remains committed to delivering unparalleled audio experiences, reflecting its dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. For inquiries or additional information, please visit Tannoy.com or reach out to Tannoy’s headquarters at Whistleberry Industrial Estate, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 0ED.

Tannoy at AXPONA 2024

About Tannoy

Established in 1926, Tannoy is the fifth-oldest hi-fi company in the world. Based in Hamilton, Scotland, Tannoy was founded as the Tuslemere Manufacturing Company in 1926 by Guy Fountain. By 1928, the company changed its name to Tannoy. The new name was derived from the materials used in the manufacture of its rectifiers: Tantalum/Lead Alloy.

The company’s early products were in the automotive and public address system sectors and later, Tannoy played a huge role in the war effort (World War II) with its public address systems being used for Prime Ministerial speeches, including those by Winston Churchill.

Following WWII, the word ‘Tannoy’ was immortalised and added to the English Oxford Dictionary because of its huge significance to the UK. In 1947 the company’s famous Dual Concentric Driver was invented – a system still used to this day.

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