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Triangle Golden Oak Finish

Triangle Golden Oak

New Finish for the Esprit and Antal 40th Anniversary Models

After the success of the prestigious Santos Rosewood finish of the 40th Anniversary Edition, Triangle unveils this year a new Golden Oak finish. A warmer but equally majestic shade for the two iconic models Antal 40th and Comète 40th.

Triangle Golden Oak Finish

The Triangle Antal 40th and Comète 40th now come with an authentic and slightly honey-colored Golden Oak wood finish. This natural veneer brings a breath of modernity to the range, with a softer, more colorful note as well as a more distinctive grain.

The subtle rose gold anodization of the speaker’s ornamental rings perfectly matches this new warm and characterful color of the Antal and Comète 40th Anniversary Edition. Several layers of hand-applied lacquer add a touch of gloss and signature to the speakers. What remains is the natural, lively and detailed sound typical for the brand. In addition to its aesthetics, the 40th Anniversary Edition advocates French flair. The speakers are manufactured in the factory based in the town of Soissons in Picardy for 40 years.

Triangle’s traditional craftsmanship is based on our employees’ expertise, brought about from many years of experience. Some of the employees have been with the company for more than 35 years. Strict control and careful assembly of all components ensure the utmost finish and acoustic quality. Each speaker is subject to strict acoustic controls. The anechoic chamber, located within our factory, is a quality guarantee.

Triangle Golden Oak Finish

Two Iconic Models

Antal and Comète are two emblematic models of the brand. Various innovations and research breakthroughs from Triangle have led to constant improvements over the years. Horn-loaded tweeters and small pleat midrange drivers made out of cellulose paper are the key markers of this Anniversary range, the soul of these two speakers.

Antal 40th

Triangle Golden Oak Finish

Antal 40th features a new rose gold anodized magnesium dome tweeter, developed exclusively for the two 40th Anniversary models. It features two bass drivers inspired by the Australe speaker from the Esprit Ez range, thus ensuring a remarkable delivery of the lower frequencies.

The rich and clear sound of Triangle’s well-known natural cellulose paper midrange driver perfectly complements this acoustic design with surprising performance. This speaker will fit beautifully in rooms ranging from 30 to 50m2.

Comète 40th

Triangle Golden Oak Finish

The second iconic model of the brand, the Comète, a more compact speaker, incorporates the basics of the Antal 40th and suspensions adapted for a wider spectrum of sound. With its dedicated speaker stand, the S04 40th Anniversary, this speaker will be perfect for rooms smaller than 25m2.

True to its legacy and always in search of innovation, Triangle uses the technical characteristics of the famous Signature and Magellan ranges, while combining new speaker technologies for this 40th Anniversary Edition. Each element has been carefully selected to perfect this series.


Triangle Golden Oak Finish

Both the Antal and Esprit use a metal dome tweeter in combination with a compression chamber – a Triangle hallmark. The paper membrane of the midrange driver offers a precise and lifelike vocal reproduction. Associated with a small pleat and peripheral short travel suspension, the vocal range is perfectly controlled.

The new generation bass driver provides a significant performance upgrade – the Antal 40th Anniversary incorporates two of these bass drivers for high impact and musicality. The membrane is a unique composition of two types of wood pulp coupled with flax combined with carbon fiber, limiting distortion despite its long throw. The driver has a generously sized motor, ensuring excellent control and great sharpness.

Triangle Golden Oak Finish


This new Golden Oak finish is now available across the entire Esprit 40th Anniversary range at authorized Triangle resellers. The Blond Sycamore and Santos Rosewood finishes are also still available.


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