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UBSound F85

UBSound F85

Fullrange Floorstanding Speaker

UBSound Introduces the New F85 Handcrafted Fullrange Loudspeakers

UBSound F85

UBSound, an Italian company with a presence in over 65 countries, announces the launch of the new F85 handcrafted fullrange floor standing loudspeakers in celebration of its 13th anniversary. This new series will enhance the brand’s existing product lineup, promising exceptional performance.

The F85 series is the result of approximately two years of research and development. Numerous prototypes have been extensively tested in anechoic, semi-anechoic, and domestic environments. This series exemplifies the UBSound philosophy, which has consistently emphasized crossover-less acoustic naturalness.

Passion for perfect sound

CEO Marzio Gasparro is quite confident that the UBSound has what it takes to live up to its ambitious design goals: “Perhaps we have created the best fullrange loudspeakers ever, dedicated to competent audiophiles who love beauty, true Made in Italy and, above all, who love the maximum expression of high-fidelity sound naturalness, without electro-acoustic obstacles, with a direct journey from the amplifier to the driver. All peculiarities that we love to define as simple passion for perfect sound and true Italian class.”

The F85 loudspeakers come with an amplifier power recommendation of 5W to 250W power per channel, a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a fairly high 90dB sensitivity. Key features include removable protective magnetic grills with an acoustic-refractory design, internal sound-absorbing materials aligned with UBSound’s exclusive HDNSS audio technology, insulated wood interiors, specialized rubber-gel coupler feet, and high-quality internal cables.

UBSound F85

These handcrafted loudspeakers come impeccably finished with an elegant reflective glossy lacquer in fashion black, employing automotive painting processes. This finish surpasses the traditional piano black commonly found in the audio industry in both touch and appearance.

The UBSound F85 model is now available for order, with a production lead time of 10 to 12 weeks. It is set to enter international markets at a recommended price of €30,000 per pair. The initial production batch is nearing completion to meet the initial demand from international resellers.

UBSound F85

About UBSound

UBSound Group is an Italian company specialized in audio products, founded in 2011 in Milan city. The company’s core business is focused on high-end premium handmade loudspeakers, which are designed in Milan and Made in Italy. UBSound invests most of its resources in research & development, with deep passion for audio since 2011.


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