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Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

Axxess is the new, attainable brand by Audio Group Denmark

Axxess is the fourth brand in the Audio Group Denmark family, side by side with Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen. It launches with the Axxess Forté series of streaming amplifiers.

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

The launch of Axxess embodies Audio Group Denmark founders Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen’s quest for authentic and emotional musical moments. It is their vision to share these kinds of precious moments with even more people. Axxess captures the essence of Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen, reflecting their world of high-end audio equipment. In this world, technological excellence and the aesthetics of Danish design go hand in hand with authentic musical performance. Axxess will comprise innovative, high-quality loudspeakers, amplifiers, and audio cables, at more modest priced points. And yet, they will attain the standard of performance and design that Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen are famous for. The first product line to be launched under the new brand are the Axxess Forté streaming amplifiers.

Axxess to the technological hallmarks of Audio Group Denmark

Technological developments and innovations that emerge from Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen product development can often be used by all three brands. The exchange of knowledge and technology that takes place between these brands is extremely creative and valuable. In this way, each brand benefits from the others, a perfect symbiosis, making each other better and stronger. This approach allows Audio Group Denmark to draw on a wide range of their pioneering core technologies and implement them into the new Axxess series.

The new Axxess Forté – Ravishing sound from a single source

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

With the introduction of the Axxess Forté series, Axxess offers a versatile amplifier at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, ingenious simplicity and aesthetic Danish design. Axxess Forté is a streaming amplifier series consisting of three levels, Axxess Forté 1, 2 and 3. Axxess Forté excels with its versatility, in terms of its multi-functional properties. It features both a streamer and a DAC section, as well as being an integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier.

By utilizing Audio Group Denmark’s well-known development traditions regarding noise reduction and resonance control and the general pioneering approach towards technological innovation, Axxess manifests its commitment to Audio Group Denmark’s values in the manufacturing of Hi-Fi equipment that offer unmatched musical authenticity.

Axxess Forté is easy to use and install and can be integrated into any home. Axxess Forté stands out for its versatility in terms of its multifunctional properties. With its agile and intuitive control functions Axxess Forté provides a direct path to authentic and emotional musical moments.

UMAC amplifier technology – The key to control

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

To achieve maximum performance and inspired by Aavik’s development approach, the Axxess Forté series utilizes the UMAC amplifier technology. This technology ensures stability, reliability, and precision in the amplifier. UMAC technology produces far less high frequency noise and requires less inductive filtering at the output. These advantages give the Axxess Forté amplifier a much better damping factor, and thus a significantly higher level of speaker control.

Low noise and maximum power supply

The composition of the music determines the alternating power demands on your amplifier. This places high demands on the amplifier’s ability to deliver power with both precision and speed, without any delays in power supply. Such delays increase the noise levels and create an unnatural musical sound.

Axxess Forté is designed with the Aavik-inspired “resonant mode power supply” to increase the operating frequency and allow higher peak power when the music requires it. The noise floor of the power supply remains very low, and is even further reduced by the ultra-low noise controls that power the various parts of the circuit.

Preserving the true signature of the music

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

The challenge of a traditional multi-bit circuit in a DAC section is to cope with increased noise contamination and signal delay, which distort the music with an undesirable “digital signature.” Axxess Forté features a 1-bit circuit, developed in-house that preserves the “analog signature”. With fast data processing and insensitivity to noise, the DAC range of the Axxess Forté ensures clarity and precision which enriches the music with serenity.

A tradition of audio dedication

Axxess Forté features a streamer module inspired by the one used in the Aavik streamers. This module, designed as a dedicated audio unit, is equipped with high quality capacitors and does not use any microcomputers. This makes signal processing extremely powerful and radically reduces unwanted noise.

Closer to the music

axxess-forte-10 axxess-forte-01 axxess-forte-03 axxess-forte-09 axxess-forte-08 axxess-forte-07 axxess-forte-06 axxess-forte-05 axxess-forte-04 axxess-forte-02

Another key feature of this versatile Axxess Forté amplifier is its headphone section. It is designed as a non-switching Class A amplifier to provide excellent linearity, high gain, and low signal distortion. This allows the listener to explore an undisturbed, authentic musical universe through the headphones.

Ansuz Tesla coil – A cornerstone of Audio Group Denmark

The Ansuz Tesla coil technologies are emblematic of Audio Group Denmark products from 2011 onward. Therefore, it is only natural to implement these noise cancellation technologies in the Axxess Forté to obtain Audio Group Denmark’s signature performance and quality standards. The implementation of Ansuz Tesla coil technologies in the Axxess Forté makes it a high-quality amplifier series in terms of technology and performance.

Danish design – Universal performance

Axxess Forté Streaming Amplifier

Handcrafted in Denmark the aesthetics of the Axxess Forté models distinguish them as symbols of contemporary Danish hi-fi design. They embody minimalist form and versatile functionality, both firmly rooted in Audio Group Denmark’s innovative audio approach.

In 2020, Aavik designed a sophisticated amplifier cabinet made of a natural-based composite material. This material design reduces mechanical influence, especially hysteresis, resulting in a significant audible improvement. The Axxess Forté series is constructed with the same natural-based composite material on the top and bottom, manifesting Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to creating aesthetic designs that enhance musical performance.

Please visit the Axxess website to find a dealer near you, or contact Axxess at sales@audiogroupdenmark.com to gain “axxess” to a personal audition.


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