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Beady Belle – Nothing But The Truth

Funky beats, wriggling grooves, timeless electronic sounds, elegiac harmonies and an inimitable voice.

Beady Belle is back. Nothing But The Truth is not only an album that focuses Belle’s entire output as if under a burning glass, but also an indicator that her restless musical spirit is still in search of innovation. The album marks the 20th anniversary of a career characterized by quality and, above all, artistic curiosity. The album weaves through the interstices of diverse electronic genres to create a unique pattern that is at once familiar yet exciting and utterly captivating.

Beady Belle - Nothing but the Truth album cover

The sound includes soul elements, slam poetry, funk, jazz, R&B, soul; but also elements of ambient and classical, hints of pop, hip-hop, even psychedelia and experimental music add their colors to the hypnotic swirl of Beady Belle’s creation. Lyrically, Beady Belle is also, as always, a grounded songwriter who shows, especially on her new album, that classical songwriting and electronica need not be mutually exclusive. Her path is always her own personal and uncompromising one, taking us along through her musings, declarations and inspirations. Undoubtedly we hear her best and most mature work, a rare blend of beauty and energy. Here’s to the next 20 years!

Beady Belle
Nothing But The Truth
Label: Jazzland
Format: CD, LP, DL 24/48


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