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Cambridge Audio x Delorean

Cambridge Audio x DeLorean

Adding sound and emotion to the driving experience

Pioneering British hi-fi brand Cambridge Audio is partnering with iconic automotive company DeLorean Motor Company, Inc. to develop thrilling in-car sound for a new generation of electric vehicles.

Cambridge Audio x Delorean

The two companies, each with their own distinctive and enduring heritage, are embarking on a design-led journey. The goal is to bring leading audio technology and high-quality sound to the driving experience in the new Alpha5. The latest concept in the evolution of the DeLorean brand, the Alpha5 is inspired by 40 years of timeless design. Cambridge Audio x DeLorean: a new partnership adding sound and emotion to the driving experience.

The new partnership will be celebrated during Monterey Car Week. Cambridge Audio will be powering the bespoke soundtrack for events occurring at the DeLorean House in Pebble Beach. Guests will be able to experience the superb sound and emotion of the latest Cambridge Audio flagship products. Examples include the Edge hi-fi separates and the Evo system. They can also enjoy a selection from Cambridge Audio’s rich heritage. A special gem here is the company’s first ever P40 amplifier, released in 1968.

Cambridge Audio x Delorean

Cambridge Audio x DeLorean – More Than 1oo Years Of Combined History

Charlie Henderson, Marketing Director of Cambridge Audio says: “With over 50 years of audio experience and a passion for elevating the emotion of music, there are many synergies between our two brands, especially our shared dynamic and occasionally rebellious attitude. Between us we have a combined history of almost 100 years, but we don’t let the past define us: always experimenting, innovating and creating new ways to enhance your experiences – inspiring a range of emotions in a car that is set to become an instant icon.”

“Cambridge Audio has spent over five decades creating exceptional sound by developing world-class audio. It’s through their passion, craftsmanship and innovation that they continue to lead the industry in hi-fi products and technology. Our partnership brings together two pioneering companies to make one singular experience for drivers,” said Troy Beetz, Chief Marketing Officer, DeLorean Motor Company, Inc.

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More about the Alpha5

The Alpha5 concept embodies the DNA of its famous predecessors. It represents the evolution of the iconic DeLorean brand. The all-electric, 2+2 vehicle maintains its signature gullwing doors, classic rear louvers and three-layered taillights inspired by 40 years of timeless design. The Alpha5 provides 60mph in 2.99 seconds and a projected top speed of 155 mph. The all-wheel-drive vehicle offers an exceptional driving experience with multi-mode adaptive suspension, dynamic handling and an estimated 300 miles per range.

The global reveal of the Alpha5 will be on Thursday August 18th at the Pebble Beach Awards Ramp.

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