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Chord Ultima Pre 3

Chord Ultima Pre 3

The Chord Ultima Pre 3 is a new ground-up-design preamplifier harnessing more than 30 years of amplifier building expertise.

Chord Ultima Pre 3

Chord Electronics has launched an all-new ground-up-design analogue preamplifier, the Ultima Pre 3. The new preamp is an entirely fresh design both inside and out. It benefits from the latest Chord Electronics preamplifier technologies as well as a striking new fascia design. Everything is masterminded by the company’s founder-owner John Franks.

The Ultima Pre 3 harnesses more than 30 years of British amplifier-building expertise and takes advantage of the very latest developments in advanced low-distortion power supplies; these new devices offer exceptionally low noise and outstanding amplifier operation. Coupled with the company’s latest circuit design, the Ultima Pre 3 offers new levels of preamplifier performance.

The preamp features five analogue inputs, two balanced and three unbalanced, plus a separate AV bypass input. All five of the Ultima Pre 3’s main inputs enjoy individual buffering as well as selective filtering against potential ingress from radio frequency interference. Sealed relays, controlled by microprocessors, are responsible for selection switching.

Chord Ultima Pre 3

Chord Ultima Pre 3 – newly designed exterior

Externally, the Ultima Pre 3 benefits from a completely redesigned front panel. The new fascia offers a perfectly symmetrical design, centered on a circular power on/off sphere which uses the company’s familiar polychromatic indicator lighting, giving a clear and simple indication of the amplifier’s playing status. A newly designed combined volume and input selector are flanking the power sphere, along with a combined balance and AV bypass control.

All casework is precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium, including the Integra legs. A black acrylic side-block alternative to the Integra legs is also available as a no-cost option. The upper panel features a pleasing vented design, which features a dimmable LED light.

Chord Ultima Pre 3

In addition to its five inputs, the Ultima Pre 3’s rear panel features both balanced and unbalanced outputs, a 12 V trigger and IEC power inlet, plus a convenient 5 V/3 A USB Type-A output to power peripheral devices, including Chord Electronics’ DACs such as the Qutest and Hugo 2.

The new Ultima Pre 3 is a perfect match for a wide range of power amps, including the Ultima 5 and Ultima 6 stereo power amplifiers. It will also synergise well with the Ultima 2 and Ultima 3 monoblocks.

The hand-built Ultima Pre 3 is available now in either Jett black or Argent silver. It will make its European show debut at High End, Munich, 2022.

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Price and availability

The Ultima Pre 3 is available to order now UK SRP: £6,000


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