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Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker

Epos ES-7N

Bookshelf Speaker

Epos introduces the ES-7N: a compact loudspeaker that’s actually meant to go in a bookshelf

Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker

Epos, a leading name in premium audio solutions, unveils its latest innovation: the Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker. Born out of customer demand for a smaller speaker without compromising audio quality, the ES-7N promises to revolutionize home audio with its compact size and uncompromising performance.

Responding to consumer feedback, Epos’s development team embarked on a mission to create a scaled-down version of its renowned speakers. The result is the ES-7N, designed to work well even when placed directly in a bookshelf.

Designing smaller speakers posed unique challenges for Epos’s team of designers and engineers. The size of the speaker’s front baffle and its placement significantly influence its acoustic response, particularly in different room configurations. To address this, the ES-7N features a unique crossover filter with a switch on the speaker’s back, allowing users to optimize its performance based on placement—whether in semi-free space or against a wall or bookshelf.

Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker

The Cabinet

The ES-7N’s features a host of innovative solutions for optimal sound reproduction. Constructed with 2x8mm MDF panels and a high-loss damping layer to minimize resonances, the cabinet ensures clear and distortion-free audio. A strategically placed wooden block further enhances stereo imaging, while minimal bracing maintains cabinet integrity. For added convenience, the speaker comes with silicon rubber spikes for effective isolation from the floor.

One of the speaker’s innovative features is its port tube design. Positioned to mitigate standing wave modes inside the cabinet, the bent port tube features selective damped ventilation holes to control output in the critical mid-band frequencies. Additionally, the speaker’s asymmetric layout optimizes performance, with the tweeter positioned towards the inside for superior sound quality.

The Crossover

Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker

The ES-7N’s crossover is designed with versatility in mind, offering two tonal balance options controlled by a switch. Whether placed at a distance from a wall or snugly nestled in a bookshelf, users can adjust the speaker’s performance to suit their preferences and room acoustics. The crossover components, including PP capacitors, polyester capacitors, and air core inductors, are meticulously selected and fine-tuned by ear to ensure exceptional sound quality.


The Epos ES-7N will make its debut at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show (23rd to 25th of February). It will become available for purchase in Q2 of 2024.


Epos ES-7N bookshelf speaker

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