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Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo Launches Ultra Feet: The Premier Laboratory Tested Isolation System.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo proudly unveils Ultra Feet, the industry’s first fully laboratory-tested isolation system designed to optimize audio component performance. This innovative system drastically reduces the transmission of negative vibrations to audio equipment, effectively dispersing energy in the form of heat. With a focus on enhancing stage presence, detail clarity, and dynamics, Ultra Feet sets a new standard in audio equipment isolation.

Developed to utilize viscoelastic materials according to load charge, Ultra Feet delivers a tailored solution with precise parameters. Unlike one-size-fits-all products, Ultra Feet offers seven levels of performance and dimensions, each meticulously calibrated to specific load charge ranges. Every level incorporates two or three different damping materials, rigorously tested by Vicoter for optimal performance.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

How do Ultra Feet work?

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet harnesses a fundamental physical principle. They allow elastic or viscoelastic materials to absorb mechanical energy from vibrations, converting it into heat. Engineered with two different decoupling materials of varying densities, Ultra Feet effectively dampens vibrations from both the floor and equipment motors. This attention to detail ensures unparalleled fidelity, catering to the discerning needs of audio enthusiasts.

Built on experience and expertise

Bassocontinuo draws from over 15 years of expertise in mechanical decoupling. Their core business, hi-fi racks, have distributors in over 50 countries. Supported by a team of skilled engineers, Bassocontinuo designs vibration treatment solutions for diverse industries (aeronautics, automotive, aerospace, etc.), backed by scientifically proven data. Every aspect of Ultra Feet, from material selection to usage parameters, undergoes rigorous testing at independent university laboratories, ensuring reliability and performance.

The importance of electronics isolation

In the realm of sound reproduction, mechanical interactions play a crucial role. From turntable cartridges to amplification, any vibration interference can degrade the audio signal, compromising fidelity. By effectively isolating electronics, Ultra Feet mitigates these disturbances, delivering a faithful sound reproduction with enhanced dynamics, focused soundstage, and intricate details.

Laboratory validation

Vicoter conducted extensive testing on the Bassocontinuo damping blocks, evaluating their performance under vibration stress. Utilizing an electro-dynamic shaker and accelerometers, Vicoter measured the vibration reduction achieved by Ultra Feet across various load scenarios. All tests, performed with a set of four Ultra Feet, affirm the system’s efficacy and reliability.

View the detailed Vicoter report here.


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