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Innuos Pulsar at Axpona 2023

Innuos at Axpona 2023

presenting the Pulsar network music player

The Innuos Pulsar network music player debuts at this year’s Axpona hifi show.

Innuos Pulsar at Axpona 2023

Pulsar is the newest Innuos product and represents the flagship model of the Pulse series of network music players. Pulsar has been mentioned previously. However, North America will be the first place to actually hear the Innuos Pulsar at the Axpona show in Room 1410. The event takes place from 14 – 16 April, 2023 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. Innuos will also be demonstrating its flagship Statement music server/streamer alongside the Pulsar in Room 1410. Visitors can get hands on with the Innuos Sense app and meet with Innuos staff in Room 1408.

The Pulse Network Music Player series consists of three players: Pulsemini, Pulse and Pulsar. These are perfect for music lovers who mostly want to play music from HiFi streaming services like Qobuz and Tidal, or who just want another zone in their home connected to their main music server.

Beneath its sleek exterior, Pulsar has a custom ARC6 module with active rectification. Additionally, it boasts over 130000 μF of Mundorf capacitors, a large inductor and a massive 300VA audio-grade toroidal transformer.

Pulsar has an optimized USB output to take sound quality to the highest level by incorporating a PhoenixUSB Lite Reclocker. The reclocker is powered by a custom CX Regulator Module and provides a smooth yet fast and detailed sound.


The innuOS Operating System’s SSD in the Pulsar is also upgraded to a SLC (Single-Level Cell) module. Its advantages over the more common TLC (Triple-Level Cell) are better durability and lower operating power noise. The SSD is also powered by a custom CX Regulator Module.

In addition, visitors will be able to listen to the Innuos Pulsar for the first time ever, request music tracks, and experience the Sense app while hearing the Pulsar or the flagship Statement Music Server/Streamer with Next-Gen Power Supply.

Innuos Pulsar at Axpona 2023

The featured system in Room 1410 includes the Innuos PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch delivering a steady data stream to the Innuos Pulsar and Statement. A pair of Magico A5 speakers will render the music for listeners and they will be driven by an MSB Technology Premiere DAC and Vinnie Rossi Brama integrated amplifier. The Mains block is provided by a PS Audio P15, cables will be from Kimber Kable. A Quadraspire SV2T rack will host all the components.

Key members of the Innuos team will be at the Axpona 2023 to take questions and demonstrate, including Kevin Jackson, North America Sales Manager and Steven Gomes, Head of Sales.



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