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Kudos Audio Cardea Super

Kudos Audio Cardea Super 10A / 20A

The two popular speakers just received some engineering TLC

Kudos Audio announces that Cardea Super 10A and Super 20A loudspeakers are now available for demonstration and sale.

Kudos Audio Cardea Super

Derek Gilligan, founder and designer of Kudos Audio, has confirmed improvements to the Cardea Super 10A and Super 20A loudspeakers. The Super 10A and Super 20A are available in White, Walnut, Natural Oak and Black Oak. The Super 10A sells for £4000, the Super 20A for £5000.

Derek is a great believer of the KISS principle: good choice of materials, excellent drive units, and a crossover that is as simple as it can be to seamlessly knit the drive units together. The revised and improved Super Cardea models follow this philosophy.

The Super Cardea models deliver significant improvements over their more classic siblings and are Active Ready. Both Super 10A and Super 20A feature further improvements to the crossover components. The Super 10A and Super 20A crossovers are first-order electrical for the LF utilising a zero-distortion low-resistance Mundorf air-core inductor. A second-order electrical circuit filters the HF. It features a high-end 400V ICW CMR capacitor, a small Mundorf air-core inductor, as well as a Mundorf Supreme resistor.

Kudos Audio Cardea Super

The components mount, hard-wired and well-spaced, onto an HDF panel. The HDF panel is torqued to the rear of the cabinet, ensuring the cabinet remains rigid, whereas a conventional plastics terminal panel would weaken the structure.

The cabinets of the Super 10A and Super 20A are precision manufactured from balanced veneered High-Density Fibreboard (HDF). Unlike the standard almost ubiquitous ‘kitchen cupboard’ Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), HDF has a more consistent consistency both throughout and from batch to batch.

Drive Units

Kudos has always worked closely with SEAS of Norway, the loudspeaker drive unit specialist supplier. Derek’s relationship with SEAS goes back very many years and enabled Kudos’ first-ever loudspeaker, the original version of the C10.

Both loudspeakers use a custom 180mm-woofer with a die-cast chassis with large open areas, and a coated paper cone. The voice coil diameter is 39 mm in the Super 10A and 26 mm in the Super 20A. Both drivers include a copper ring for reduced distortion and increased linearity and a metal phase plug to aid directivity and increase heat dissipation. Designed for low-distortion, high linearity and low crossover modulation, these are 21st-century drive units.

Kudos Audio Cardea Super

The HF unit is a custom version of the famous SEAS Crescendo K2 29mm fabric dome. Not generally seen on loudspeakers of this price class, the Crescendo is a fabulously natural-sounding and musical performer.

Great drive units require a great crossover, where Derek’s KISS applies. Accordingly, Kudos implemented the simplest crossover that will deliver the musical message along with a neutrality that allows the speaker to be recording and genre neutral. The speaker that makes the best 10% of recordings sound amazing to the detriment of 90% of a collection is unacceptable to Kudos. Loudspeakers must communicate music from all but awful recordings.

Kudos Audio Cardea Super

The combination of an excellent crossover and superb drive units delivers speaker systems that are easy loads. Neither speaker drops below seven ohms, which makes them true eight-ohm specification.

The Super 20A’s low-end is tuned with a resistive port into a fixed boundary load which gives a lower LF Q, ensuring better room integration without the potential mid-range restriction of microdynamics that a sealed box can bring.
Internal wiring uses Kudos KS-1 cable

Active Ready

Super Cardea models are configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation with leading electronics, including Linn Exakt, Devialet Expert and Naim SNAXO crossovers. Active operation opens up a wider upgrade path and enables a variety of performance and personalisation enhancing capabilities.

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Timing and availability

Available now. All these improvements, in common with the previously announced C10 and C20 speakers, started shipping last year, but it has taken until now to verify that Kudos’ retailers worldwide had the new stock on demo or available to order.

2020 and 2021 have been extraordinary years for hi-fi businesses, with those well positioned and well marketed showing significant growth. Kudos is no exception, which explains how it has taken more than a year to catch up fully.


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