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Linn Klimax Solo 800

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Monoblock Power Amplifier

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Combining hi-f components into a system is always an exercise in making compromises.

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Speakers and electronics are swapped around until a middle ground is found. Connecting a power amplifier with a sub-optimal output to a speaker whose behavior is sub-optimal results in two precision approximations that work reasonably well in combination. However, two errors unfortunately do not result in success. With the Linn Klimax Solo 800, the British manufacturer has developed a mighty power amplifier designed to render the trial-and-error process altogether with its ability to drive any existing loudspeaker optimally – under all conditions.

Oodles of power, perfect control

The Linn Klimax Solo 800 in its entirety is the epitome of efficient, consistent and meticulous circuit design. A unique combination of digital and analogue expertise allows Linn to optimize and linearize every internal stage of the power amplifier. This results in consistently high performance.

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Adaptive Bias Control

Klimax Solo 800 is equipped with Linn’s Adaptive Bias Control. This makes it possible to set the optimum bias current for each of the 16 output transistors dynamically and in real time by measuring, querying and digitizing their current supply.

A digital control loop then converts this optimum bias current for each of the transistors and adjusts it continuously. This in turn suppresses crossover distortion at any temperature over the entire lifetime of the power amplifier – regardless of volume or demanding dynamic changes in the music.

Cool in operation

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Klimax Solo 800 is equipped with outstanding thermal regulation. This enables it to handle even the most demanding loads without compromise, whether in terms of linearity or the use of an internal fan.

Excellent thermal coupling is achieved by mounting the power amplifier and power supply circuits directly to the highly efficient, large surface area heat sinks. This low operating temperature design is important to deliver exceptional clarity at up to 800 W at 4 Ω and 1.2 kW at 2 Ω.

The temperature in the power amplifier is kept to a minimum so that the characteristics of its internal components remain the same, even during the loudest and most demanding musical passages. This maintains continuity, efficiency and longevity over time.

Powered by Utopik

The new Utopik switching power supply design principle for Klimax Solo 800 features power rails that are regulated to pinpoint accuracy. It offers the best of both worlds: 2 kW maximum output power with constant speed, reactivity and perfect efficiency.

Utopik ensures an extremely even output voltage. The bus bars have a continuous output even with dramatic changes in charge. In addition, the output voltage remains the same even if the mains input voltage varies. This means it remains stable and ultra-pure at all times.

With Utopik for Klimax Solo 800, Linn is confident to have come much closer to our goal of minimizing switching noise and increasing efficiency by using a technique known as “soft-switching”: a resonant circuit ensures that the voltage across the switch drops to zero before the switch is operated. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik for Klimax Solo 800 is cleaner, more efficient and remains whisper-quiet across the entire range of operating conditions.

Linn Klimax Solo 800

Availability and price

The Linn Klimax Solo 800 mono power amplifier is available now at a recommended retail price starting at 45 000 USD.


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