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Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

Meridian DSP9

Revealed at High End Munich, the ‘Undeniably Meridian’ DSP9 loudspeaker signifies a new dawn for the company.

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

Marking a new chapter for Meridian, the British Audio Technology Pioneer has unveiled the DSP9 Digital Active Loudspeaker, a masterpiece of product design as well as audio engineering, technology and performance. The loudspeaker features a brand-new and iconic cabinet aesthetic that showcases a new design signature for the company and produces outstanding fidelity, dynamics and power for cinemas and listening rooms.

“Meridian’s goal is for our products to be as beautiful to look at as they are easy to use and amazing to listen to. A design where you can see no effort – elegant, simple and powerful,” comments John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian. “With the DSP9, we achieve the perfect synthesis of function and form through our holistic system approach. It’s an artful balancing act that allows us to create a beautiful aesthetic whilst pushing the boundaries of world-class audio engineering. We are delighted to launch the DSP9 at High End Munich and showcase this incredible loudspeaker to our partners from around the world.”

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

The DSP9 is the second loudspeaker to emerge from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment in technology innovations at the extreme edge of audio design. Built around Meridian’s continued research and expertise in producing authentic, natural and lifelike sound, this programme delivers a level of performance never previously achievable from a loudspeaker of these proportions.

New Beautiful Look

The DSP9 introduces a beautiful new look for Meridian loudspeakers. The company has pushed the boundaries of cabinet design and construction with this product, using the geometry of the ellipse to create a visually stunning aesthetic from every angle that also offers acoustic benefits.

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

Advanced engineering was used to create the striking sculptured exterior lines as well as the sophisticated three-dimensional spaces within the cabinet to enhance performance. The curvature of the exterior also minimises unwanted diffraction of the sound produced by the drive units.

“The DSP9 loudspeaker is undeniably Meridian,” comments Natalie Reynolds, Product Manager at Meridian. “It is a powerhouse of performance that delivers goosebump moments thanks to incredible dynamics, full frequency response and massive power handling. It is also aesthetically stunning, introducing a brand-new iconic design – the beauty is in its simplicity.”

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

Pioneering Technology

The DSP9 features all of the pioneering UK company’s latest engineering developments to deliver unrivalled power and performance, including:

  • Atlas Software Core
  • Precision Sonic Transport
  • R1 Electronics Platform
  • Next Generation Drive Units
  • Force-balanced bass configuration.

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

With Meridian’s expertise in psychoacoustics and deep experience in Digital Signal Processing, the DSP9 boasts a suite of Meridian proprietary technologies, which are designed to ensure the loudspeaker delivers an exceptional listening experience in all environments.

The Meridian technologies deployed for DSP9 include Digital Precision, Q-Sync, True Link, True Time, E3 Bass, Image Focus +, Pro-Active Bass, Pro-active Thermal, FFA, Free-Q, Perfect Balance as well as BSM.

The DSP9 further offers easy setup and control via the Meridian B-Link Bluetooth device, IR, USB, RS232, or with a Meridian Controller product. An IA21 analogue input module changes the functionality of the DSP9 so it can be fed from any non-Meridian product or system which features a balanced or unbalanced line-level analogue output.

Meridian’s Select finishing service allows the loudspeaker to either blend into the room with a complementary finish or to stand out with a bold, vibrant colour, finished in matte or gloss.

Meridian DSP9 Loudspeaker

Performance Facts

Frequency response: In-room within 3dB: 20Hz – 40kHz
SPL: 119dB@1m for a single loudspeaker
Amplifiers: Tweeter and Mid-range – each >150W into 4Ω, Class AB; Bass – four bridged pairs, each pair >240W into 4Ω, Class D
Ultrasonic tweeter: 1 x 25mm beryllium dome with silver voice-coil custom waveguide
Evo midrange driver: 1 x 160mm with non-conductive voice-coil former and anti-resonance clamp-ring mounting system
Subsonic bass drivers: 4 x 200mm polypropylene long-throw drivers with anti-resonance clamp-ring mounting system


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