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Peak Consult New Lineup

Peak Consult – New Leadership

Lennart Asbjørn and Wilfried Ehrenholz assume the leadership duties

High-end loudspeaker manufacturer Peak Consult is now under the leadership of two new managers: Lennart Asbjørn and Wilfried Ehrenholz, the latter of Dynaudio fame.

Peak Consult New Lineup

Peak Consult Denmark is known for more than 25 years creating extreme High-End loudspeakers, inspiring music enthusiast and perfectionist internationally. Per Kristoffersen founded the company in 1996, pouring all his energy and passion into developing and producing the ultimate speaker. Now, a new dual head elevates Peak Consult to a higher level.

Forward-looking Dual Leadership

In 2021 a new area started for Peak Consult. Two new owners invested into the company to develop the future of Peak Consult, based on the key values and virtues of the brand. Lennart Asbjørn, CEO, managing the production and administration in Middelfart, Denmark. His partner Wilfried Ehrenholz supervising product development & strategy as well as supporting Peak Consult in marketing and distribution. Wilfried is the co-founder of Dynaudio and former sole owner of several years. Wilfried built Dynaudio to being one of the leading speaker brands worldwide. Wilfried’s experience and know how in Audio, Home & Professional as well as the Automotive audio business will be a great asset for the future of Peak Consult.

Peak Consult New Lineup

One of Peak Speakers genuine assets is their own artisan’s workshop. The importance of a perfect cabinet is obvious. Resonances will disturb sound – therefore, it’s best to mount all drivers in a totally ridged baffle to deliver full dynamics. Peak cabinets are not only extremely heavy, but built up in a triple layer sandwich construction fitted with several layers of highly efficient damping materiel. Additionally, A 14mm solid layer of American walnut covers the sandwich construction resulting into a perfect finish made by highly skilled Danish artisans. Consequently, they pose an excellent example of the outstanding furniture tradition of Denmark. Finally, all drivers a produced in Denmark, according to strict Peak specification.

Wilfried says: “Working all my professional life developing speaker technology to a high level I am truly excited about this new challenge. It’s a captivating opportunity for me to work with the unique Peak speaker technology and contribute with all my knowledge to elevate Peak into its own superior category of music reproduction”.

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New Models and Prices

Three new speakers are launched at the beginning of this new era. They are based upon the previous most successful speakers and their specific characteristics. Summing up 25 years of great values offers us a priceless DNA string to create these three new models.

  • Sonora, a 2-way stand speaker with a passive radiator (25.000€)
  • Sinfonia, a 3-way speaker (45.000€)
  • El Diablo, a 3-way speaker with double bass (55.000€)


The stated retail price of the reviewed device is valid as of the time of the review and is subject to change.