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Avid Acutus Dark Iron turntable

Avid Acutus Dark Iron

Avid Introduces the Acutus Dark Iron Turntable

Avid Acutus Dark Iron turntable

British founder-owned and operated hi-fi-manufacturer Avid has launched the Acutus Dark Iron, its first new turntable in six years, featuring an innovative integrated motor design.

Handcrafted in Cambridgeshire, the Acutus Dark Iron replaces the Acutus Dark Limited Edition. Responding to customer feedback, Avid has introduced a new ‘sparkling iron’ finish, offering a cost-effective alternative to the more labor-intensive chrome finishes of previous models.

A key feature of the Acutus Dark Iron is its advanced motor system, integrated with the main chassis to maintain correct drive-belt alignment, even when using adjustable feet for leveling. This design ensures operational smoothness and eliminates speed-related issues.

The high-torque AC synchronous motor in the Acutus Dark Iron delivers significantly more power compared to other turntables, enhancing control and stability. Twin round-section drive belts support free suspension movement without speed fluctuations, while a DSP-equipped power supply independently generates frequency for precise speed adjustments. The turntable also includes an 80 VA mains transformer, acting as an integrated amplifier tailored to the high-torque motor.

Upgrade Options

The Acutus Dark Iron features a robust 10 kg aluminum platter, topped with a 10 mm damping disc and a TMShrunk felt-composite mat. Customers can opt to upgrade to Avid’s precision resin mat, which improves vibration transfer for superior sound quality. The inverted bearing design, with a tungsten carbide ball and sapphire jewel, minimizes lateral movement and rumble noise, while a self-lubricating sleeve ensures quiet, maintenance-free operation.

The included Avid single-action clamp, precision-machined from solid aluminum, flattens records onto the platter to channel vibrations away from the sub-chassis, reducing noise. An optional dual-operation clamp upgrade offers greater control over varying record thicknesses, eliminating warps and air pockets for a seamless connection between the record and platter.

The Acutus Dark Iron’s one-piece multi-fold aluminum sub-chassis combines strength with controlled movement. Coated with damping media, it neutralizes vibrations for a linear and time-sensitive sound response. The suspension system is precisely tuned to achieve perfect balance, with a 2.5 Hz isolation frequency that prevents skipping and eliminates external vibrations.

Purchasers of the Avid Acutus Dark Iron can enjoy discounts on Avid’s range of tonearms and cartridges, as well as the mat and clamp upgrades, when ordered with the turntable.


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