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Quantum Clarinet Trio

Quantum Clarinet Trio

Beyond Brahms

The centerpiece of this CD is the Brahms Trio, but it also pays tribute to the forgotten Jewish composers Frühling and Kahn.

The Quantum Clarinet Trio has developed into a remarkable ensemble over the last ten years, and their first CD release Beyond Brahms is an impressive testament to their musicianship. Originally coming together during their music studies to rehearse Brahms’ Clarinet Trio, the trio has formed into a tight unit and now presents an impressive repertoire. The centerpiece of the CD is undoubtedly the Brahms trio, which is interpreted by the musicians with a refreshing mixture of power and sensitivity. Their performance demonstrates a deep understanding of the work and considerable musical maturity.

Quantum Clarinet Trio

Particularly noteworthy, however, is the Quantum Clarinet Trio’s decision to pay tribute to the forgotten Jewish composers Carl Frühling and Robert Kahn. These two composers, whose works were ostracized by the Nazis, are reminiscent of Brahms in their compositions, but at the same time are deeply rooted in the 20th century. The trio brings these often overlooked masterpieces to life in an extremely impressive way, demonstrating their commitment to the rediscovery and appreciation of these musical gems. The musicians, although comparatively young, are already performing at the very highest level. This CD is a contribution to musical diversity and a recommendation for every classical music listener who has retained their curiosity.

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