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Parasound hires Darren Myers

Darren Myers joins Parasound

Early in his tenure as Parasound’s new owner, David Sheriff made a commitment to the company’s legendary designer, John Curl, to bring more of his new ideas to the fore. To accelerate this process, Sheriff has hired Darren Myers as Vice President of Research and Development.

Darren Myers was most recently Senior Analog Design Engineer for PS Audio. Before that, he was a designer for Classe Audio and B&W Loudspeakers. He is a passionate music enthusiast who describes being obsessed over just about every aspect of its reproduction since hearing his first Wilson Audio system when he was 16 years old. Myers has an electrical engineering degree from the University of North Carolina with a specialization in microelectronics. His designs have earned countless awards. The accolades include Stereophile’s Analog Product of the Year for 2020 and The Absolute Sound’s Amplifier of the Year for 2021.

Parasound hires Darren Myers

Darren Myers will work closely with John Curl and the company’s in-house design team lead by Bob MacDonald, Director of Product Development. Their goal is to broaden the scope of Parasound’s high-end family of products. Additionally, they aim to bring Parasound quality and performance to new products in the custom installation and integration realm.

More Ideas Than Time

“When I first met John Curl late last year,” said Sheriff, “he had more great ideas for new products and product upgrades than he had time to fulfill them. Now, Darren has lots of new ideas of his own, and he is looking forward to working with John in a variety of areas. I am optimistic the synergy of these two will grow the company and provide exciting new products for audio enthusiasts.”

Said Myers, “Words cannot convey my excitement around joining forces with David Sheriff, John Curl, and the rest of the outstanding team at Parasound. I share the Parasound philosophy that values subjective listening as well as objective performance. And I believe that both perspectives are equally essential to making the world’s highest performing products. My mission with our design team will be to take an outstanding brand that is known for value and integrity to one that is also known for its innovation.”

Darren will enhance existing products and provide additional models. The goal is to expand Parasound’s demographic footprint with audio enthusiasts and custom installations. Equally, Parasound aims to expand into new related markets.

Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, who sold the company to David Sherriff in December 2022. Parasound remains a privately-owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. The company’s ever-improving line of products has garnered a reputation for performance, value, and reliability. The highest quality standards are assured by Parasound’s close relationships with their Taiwan manufacturers that date back to 1982.

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