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Electrocompaniet EC Play App

Electrocompaniet EC Play App Update

Electrocompaniet Launches Updated EC Play App and Streaming Software, Featuring TIDAL 24/192 FLAC Support and “Plays with Audirvāna” Certification.

Electrocompaniet EC Play App
EC Living Rena S-2 streamer

Electrocompaniet launches a new firmware, which is available for all Electrocompaniet streaming devices. This latest version of the Electrocompaniet EC Play app and streaming software introduces several new features and enhancements aimed at enhancing the user experience for music enthusiasts.

A notable addition to the EC Streaming Engine is its integration with the popular straming platform TIDAL. With support for TIDAL’s 24/192 FLAC format through Tidal Connect, Electrocompaniet users can now enjoy their favorite music in high-resolution audio quality.

Additionally, Electrocompaniet has obtained the “Plays with Audirvāna” certification for the EC Software Engine, indicating compatibility and smooth performance with Audirvāna, a respected software solution for high-end audio playback.

Audirvāna, founded in Paris in 2011, specializes in computer-based high-end audio playback software, catering to both music professionals and enthusiasts.

“We are excited to introduce the enhanced EC Play app and streaming software to our valued customers,” said Lasse Danielsen, Sales & Marketing Director at Electrocompaniet. “With TIDAL 24/192 FLAC support and the ‘Plays with Audirvāna’ certification, we are confident that this new version will take the audio experience to new heights, allowing users to immerse themselves in the richness and clarity of their favorite music.”

The updated EC Play app features a multi-language user interface for ease of navigation through music libraries, playlist creation, and music discovery.

Electrocompaniet EC Play App
EC Living Rena SA-2 streaming amplifier

Electrocompaniet remains committed to delivering advanced audio solutions to meet the evolving needs of music enthusiasts. The updated EC Play app and streaming software reflect this commitment, combining new features with Electrocompaniet’s expertise in audio technology.

The latest version of the Electrocompaniet EC Play app and streaming software is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. For more information about Electrocompaniet and its audio products, visit electrocompaniet.com.

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