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Hexmat Eclipse

Hexmat Eclipse

After the Yellow Bird, Zsolt Fajt presents his next hexagonal slipmat

Zsolt Fajt first introduced his unique damping concept with the Yellow Bird, and now he introduces the latest development, the Hexmat Eclipse.

Hexmat Eclipse

Building on the success of Yellow Bird, Eclipse offers even better performance with its additional features. Since the introduction of the Yellow Bird in 2019, the concept has been able to prove that this approach to isolation works perfectly without changing the tonal balance. The Eclipse also allows you to hear the fidelity of your record without limitation.

A reduction in the contact area between the mat body and the balls results in even better vibration control. This helps make the background even more transparent compared to the Yellow Bird.

The 15 specially embedded balls with a diameter of 3 mm have properties otherwise encountered in heavy industries. Thanks to the material used, they are much more effective than the balls used in Yellow Bird. The total thickness of the Hexmat is 3 mm.

The body of the mat consists of a 2 mm thick extruded polymer blend developed to dramatically increase the damping coefficient. This extruded polymer is a special blend exclusively manufactured for Hexmat.

The mat shape is cut from the extruded polymer material using a precision laser cutting machine. After a long cleaning and polishing process, the balls are mounted individually using a tool specially designed for this purpose.

Hexmat Eclipse

Hexmat Eclipse – Laborious production process

The combination of these technical and manual processes to produce each hexmat takes several hours plus drying time between coatings. Once the mat is finished, it is packed in a protective cover, which should always be used when the mat is stored or transported.

The Hexmat Eclipse has the same anti-static and anti-magnetic properties as the Yellow Bird. Likewise, it is compatible with 7-, 10- and 12-inch plates and offers full torque transfer. Both Yellow Bird and Eclipse can be used in conjunction with clamps or weights.

To clean Hexmat products, the manufacturer recommends gently wiping the surface with a soft, damp cloth.

Zsolt Fajt personally inspects every single Yellow Bird and Eclipse to ensure the high standards and excellent quality.

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Pricing and upgrade option

Suggested retail price is 280 EUR including shipping. Hexmat offers Yellow Bird owners an upgrade discount by Hexmat, which is available upon request at info@hexmat.net.


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