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Innuos at the Hong Kong High End Audio Video Show

Innuos at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

August 11th to 13th, 2023, at The Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre

Innuos Makes Debut Appearance at APAC’s Premier Audio Visual Exhibition: the Prestigious Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show.

Innuos at the Hong Kong High End Audio Video Show

Innuos, a trailblazer in high-end audio technology, is going to captivate audiophiles and enthusiasts as it takes center stage at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show. This momentous event marks the brand’s inaugural participation, solidifying its commitment to expanding its global footprint.

Experiencing Innovation Firsthand

The Innuos exhibit promises to be a highlight of the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show. Attendees in the Asia-Pacific region get a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of audio excellence. Visitors will have the chance to explore the innovative Innuos STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU Music Server/Streamer. Also present are the PULSAR and PULSE Network Music Players and the ground-breaking PhoenixNET Audiophile-grade Network Switch.

A Spectacle of Sound and Technology

The show takes place from August 11th to 13th, 2023 at The Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre. It is set to host over 130 exhibitors and attract more than 25,000 enthusiasts. Innuos’ exhibit, located at Hall 3, booth X08, promises an interactive experience that blends state-of-the-art audio solutions with cutting-edge technology.

Unveiling the Future of Audio

At the heart of the showcase will be the reveal of the latest version of the Innuos Sense App. Powering the app will be the latest innuOS Operating System 2.4.5. This revamped operating system boasts an enhanced user interface on Artist, Album, and Playlist pages, streamlining the process of adding streaming service tracks to playlists and queues. The Sense app will ensure seamless integration with Innuos sources on home networks. It is available for free on platforms like Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores, as well as through modern browsers.

Elevating Audiophile Experience

Leading the pack is the remarkable Innuos STATEMENT Music Server/Streamer. With its next-gen PSU, it marks a pinnacle of audio engineering designed to redefine the audiophile experience. A symphony of upgraded components culminates in heightened musical presence and depth, truly revealing the essence of the music.

Introducing the PULSE Series

Innuos at the Hong Kong High End Audio Video Show

Innuos introduces the PULSE Series of Network Music Players, featuring the PULSEmini, PULSE, and PULSAR models. Tailored for music aficionados who indulge in HiFi streaming services such as Qobuz, TIDAL, and Highresaudio, or those who desire additional music zones in their homes connected to the main music server, these players offer unparalleled sound quality and versatility.

A Spectacular Demo System

The demonstration system in Hall 3, X08 will stream through the Innuos PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch connected to the STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU, PULSAR and PULSE. An MSB Premiere DAC with Pro ISL USB will handle Digital-to-analog conversion, connected to a Gryphon Essence Preamp and dual mono Essence Stereo amplifiers which will send the signal to a pair of Magico M2 speakers to render the music for the room. Power conditioning will be handled by PS Audio’s P20. Gryphon Rosso series cables will make the connections, and a Foundation MRS rack will host all the components. Artnovion panels will be keeping acoustics under control.

An Unforgettable Sonic Journey

Attendees will be treated to meticulously curated music, easily accessible through the Innuos Sense App. The tunes flow seamlessly, streaming directly to the system from online sources or emanating from the SSD on the STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU music server.

Unparalleled Presence

In addition to its own exhibit, Innuos’ products can be experienced at Volent Audio, situated in the adjacent room at Hall 3, booth X07. Engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and expertise will be provided by Innuos’ prominent representatives, including Amelia Santos – Managing Director and Co-Founder, Nuno Vitorino – R&D Director and Co-Founder, and Yaohan Yang – APAC Sales Manager.

For More Information

For comprehensive insights into Innuos’ impressive product lineup at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show, please visit the official Innuos website.



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