Next-Gen PSU for Innuos Statement

Innuos Statement Next-Gen Power Supply

Experience a New Level of Realism

Innuos has debuted at AXPONA in the US a Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade for their flagship Statement Music Server and Streamer.

This Upgrade is the result of lnnuos ongoing Research and Development efforts in close collaboration with their long-term partner Dr. Sean Jacobs. The impressive improvement in sound quality is achieved by an innovative Power Supply design as well as significant component upgrades:

The Power section uses two custom-designed ARC6 AC/DC modules. Each module contains a new high-precision Active Rectifier board as well as a massive 70mH DC Choke. Additionally, there’s almost 4 times more capacitance provided by six Mundorf caps. The ARC6 modules are mounted on the new Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) platform. It uses a combination of Panzerholz wood with a specific density gel layer. This combination is highly effective at dampening high-frequency vibration coming from the chassis.

In the Server section, the Regulator modules include a dedicated CPU Booster module, providing up to 75A of current to the CPU for faster transients. New Audio Note KAISEI capacitors smooth all rail further, benefitting all the main components: Motherboard, USB Reclocker, Ethernet Clock module and SSD.

The results are crystal clear: lncreased realism with even more detailed textures, expansive soundstage and improved dynamics.

Next-Gen PSU for Innuos Statement

Following lnnuos’ philosophy of supporting existing customers in taking their systems to the next level through upgrades, when possible, the Innuos Statement Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade will be available as an option for both new or existing units. The recommended prices for a new unit with the Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade will be as follows:

  • 17,300 Eur/16,500 GBP/21,700 USD/28,200CAD for the 1TB version
  • 17,600 Eur/16750 GBP/22,100 USD/28,700CAD for the 2TB version
  • 18,200 Eur/17300 GBP/22,900 USD/29,700CAD for the 4TB version
  • 19,400 Eur/18400 GBP/24,500 USD/31,700CAD for the 8TB version

About Innuos

Usability and audiophile performance. These two principles have been at odds with one another in the Music Server and Digital Audio world for a lang time, but Innuos, founded in 2009, set out to change this. They maintain their vision that high-quality audio does not mean compromising in ease-of-use. Through precise matching of their bespoke hardware and in-house developed software, Innuos music servers and Streamers continue to prove that its still possible to push the digital source to new levels.