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Metronome new Classica devices

Métronome Le Player 4 and Le DAC 2

New Classica Devices Released

Like all Métronome devices, simplicity in use and versatility are the differentiating qualities of the Classica range: CD Player, high-end D/A converter, and (as an option on Le Player) a DSD 256 streamer. Here comes the universal audiophile digital source!

Metronome new Classica devices

Métronome comes back to their fundamentals with the new Le Player 4 being a top-loading CD Transport. It is a perfect match for the second generation of Le DAC.

2022 is the year of complete renewal for Métronome’s Classica range

New Le Player 4 transport, and new Le DAC 2 converter. The Métronome Le Player 4 is a top-loading CD transport. It offers a streaming option that allows it to become a universal digital audio source. It incorporates a brand-new pickup mechanism and a fully new electronic design, same as for Le DAC 2, freshly redesigned around an ESS conversion processor. The ideal connection between the two devices is a HDMI connection carrying qualitative I²S signal. And for a perfect look both devices have the same screens and innovative sensitive touches.

Metronome new Classica devices

Le Player 4+ has been designed for all the audiophiles who need a versatile digital source. Listen to CDs, and also to digital albums stored on a computer or a NAS, or browse streaming services, this is now possible in one box with Le Player 4+! Its D/A converter is available through asynchronous USB supporting PCM up to 32 bits / 384 kHz and DSD up to 512.

The Classica range by Métronome perpetuates the external design of the legendary devices of the brand, but make no mistake: Everything is brand new, from the embedded electronics to the elegant touchpads.

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Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Metronome Technologie, precises: “It’s a true challenge to develop completely new devices in this period, with all the uncertainties that we face on the supply of so many components… We’re happy to be able to provide these products to Métronome lovers, and to pursue the story of entry-range Métronome Classica.”

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