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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF): October 6-8, 2017

The Entire Breadth Of Hi-Fi

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) enjoyed a special year in 2016. That’s because the event location, the Denver Marriott Tech Center, was closed due to renovation and reconstruction. At least in part. While construction workers were busy toiling away, the RMAF was held in the other half of the hotel. Due to the acute shortage of space, the organizer quickly had a large tent set up in the hotel parking lot, where the CanJam — the headphone section of the fair — took place. All in all, last year didn’t enjoy the best of conditions. But because people in the United States are used to improvising, both the event organizers and the attendees were satisfied with the RMAF.

This year things are going to be nice, and the event will be bigger and even more interesting than before: The renovation of the hotel is complete and the entire space is now available for use. What’s more, a number of rooms in the hotel’s atrium were enlarged. This will surely benefit the planned presentations and improve attendees’ listening experience.

The 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will be held October 6–8, 2017 (Friday to Sunday), in Denver, a city that will lend its breathtaking backdrop to creating a show that’s sure to be one of a kind. The outstanding breadth of showcased audio equipment makes this an especially enticing event. It will have it all: congenial one-person hobby workshops with at times a truly surprising high level of quality, classic high-end audio in all its facets, and, of course, the completely absurd “US bling-bling monster hi-fi world.” Plus, some of the scene’s more notable figures will be on hand. At the 2017 RMAF you’ll have, for example, a chance to talk shop about cables, DACs, and power-supply conditioning with Bill Low from Au­dioQuest; deliberate on different filter theories with Siegfried Linkwitz; and chat about streaming qualities with Paul McGowan from PS Audio. And because everything in the United States is a little more relaxed, it’s a lot easier to strike up a conversation with big names in the scene when you’re at the RMAF.

To get plugged in: check out our lengthy trade fair report on the 2016 RMAF here (simply click the “English”-Button to get the text in English).

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The 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 6–8, 2017 (Friday to Sunday)
Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237
United States


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