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Times of Change

Times of Change

System Change-Up

The general trend towards second sets of pants makes it clear that no one should be satisfied with just one pair of speakers. While using several pairs at the same time is nonsensical here and there, having them take turns can be quite appealing.

At some point in the hi-fi life of most high-enders, after many trials and tribulations, the moment comes when one is satisfied with the sound in one’s own four walls. Whether it’s because your hearing is fading, because you don’t have the money for the big one, or because you’ve actually found the perfect system for your home and your own taste. The end of the road has been reached. A great satisfaction and inner peace sets in and you can finally devote yourself completely to music without wasting your time in high-end forums. You cancel your hi-fi magazines and from now on, your WhatsApp group will wait for your reply in vain. A truly heavenly state, if perfection without rough edges didn’t get boring in the long run. And now? You look for the supposedly last fly left somewhere in the ointment, get artificially upset about it and sell off the entire system in order to start over from a blank slate, unencumbered. Back to the roots. An attractive thought, but usually accompanied by great financial losses – and after further errors and confusions you may well end up exactly where you are now in terms of hi-fi.

Doesn’t it make more sense to revitalize the old speaker treasures from the basement? Just for fun and out of curiosity what sound you ones considered satisfying in the distant past, and to find out why you never really parted with the things. Besides, going to the basement keeps you fit and is good for your silhouette. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to those boxes on the second-hand market that used to be prohibitively expensive, in order to finally clarify why you spent months pressing your nose flat against the window of the local TV and radio store back then.

Perhaps this is how a small collection of loudspeakers is born, and with it, a whole new hobby. However, loudspeakers need a lot of space for the trivial reason that they are essentially just a lot of enclosed air. From the third pair on, things often get cramped in the closet and conflicts within the family are inevitable. On the other hand, those who are more attracted to headphones than to loudspeakers are in the clear. The differences in sound quality between the individual models are similarly meaningful, but even double-digit quantities of sound hats are typically still faily easy to accomodate. Also, unlike replacing speakers, it takes very little time to change headphones, making it easier to hear the differences.

An unusual pastime, but certainly more exciting than lasting satisfaction.

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