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Linn LP12 developments

Upgrades for Linn Sondek LP12

LP12 Keeps on Turning

Linn is excited to announce, to Linn owners and fans the world over, the arrival of a raft of new turntable components, available to order from today as upgrades for your cherished Linn Sondek LP12.

With this announcement Linn continues to expand the range of performance enhancements available to Sondek LP12 owners worldwide, regardless of where you are on your journey to vinyl playback perfection.

Linn Arko

Linn LP12 developments

First up – Arko – an original, high-performance tonearm; and the first entirely new, in-house model since 2006.

One of the earliest Sondek LP12 magazine adverts bore the straightforward headline “Simplicity!”. Linn has returned to fundamentals with Arko, by removing all bar the mission-critical elements of tonearm design, boiling these down to their essence, and then honing what remained to superlative standards. Perfectly poised and rigorously refined, Arko is effortful simplicity.

Linn recommends current owners of Majik, Akito, legacy Linn, and 3rd-party tonearms to contact their local Sondek LP12 specialist to audition Arko.

Linn Kendo

Linn LP12 developments

Next is Arko’s perfect partner – Kendo – an all-new, elite performance moving coil cartridge.

Kendo is a modern martial art form; translated from the Japanese it means “way of the sword”. At Linn however, the word has unique connotations. The sword consists of boron, with a super-fine-line diamond tip. The armour is nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium. Kendo is the eager apprentice to its master, the flagship Ekstatik; sharing the same values, and picking up many of its traits along the way.

Kendo presents an alluring performance jump for current owners of Adikt, Krystal, legacy Linn and 3rd-party cartridges. Linn recommends booking a demonstration with your Sondek LP12 dealer to appreciate the sonic difference it makes.

Linn Krane

Linn LP12 developments

First debuted in early 2020, and subsequently fitted as standard to all new Majik LP12s shipped since, Krane is an adept static-balanced tonearm. Linn is pleased to announce that it is now available as a standalone upgrade for the very first time.

Krane is an ideal upgrade for decks featuring earlier Pro-Ject- and Jelco-made Majik tonearms. Book a demonstration to hear the difference.

Linn Koil

Linn LP12 developments

Last, but by no means least, is Koil; a formidable first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges. This new MC cartridge provides a step up in sonic performance over our Adikt moving magnet cartridge, either as an upgrade or fitted as standard to a brand new Majik LP12 MC.

Koil is one of the most affordable ways to start your Sondek LP12 upgrade journey. If you currently own an Adikt, legacy Linn, or 3rd-party cartridge, Linn suggests that you book a demo with your nearest Sondek LP12 specialist and give Koil a spin.

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Learn more about the new upgrades for the Linn Sondek LP12 here:


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