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Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

Audio Group Denmark at High End 2023

Audio Group Denmark presents the new brand Axxess, three new Børresen loudspeaker models, a third generation Ansuz equipment, and the new Aavik SD-880 Streamer/DAC at the High End 2023.

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

The largest and most important hi-fi event in the world, High End Munich, is just around the corner. HiFi trade shows give us the unique opportunity to bring people closer to music, and High End Munich is no exception. Our design and development team, led by Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen, has been working on a variety of new and highly innovative products. Audio Group Denmark is very much looking forward to showcasing all these brilliant audio highlights at High End Munich 2023.

The new brand: Axxess

The High End Munich 2023 will be the official world premiere of our new brand Axxess on the European continent.

The launch of Axxess embodies Audio Group Denmark’s founders Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen’s quest for authentic and emotional musical moments, and their vision to share these kinds of precious moments with even more people.

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

Axxess consists of innovative, high-quality audio equipment that will be available at a more modest price than Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen’s equipment. But when it comes to musical performance and aesthetic design, the new Axxess series features the same outstanding acoustic qualities that have made the other three brands so unique.

An additional brand means a need for more display space. Therefore, this year we have three Superior Demo Cabins, one more than last year. Despite the increase in our space, however, we will be in exactly the same location as last year, directly at the main entrance to Hall Four.

Axxess’ first product series: Axxess Forté

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

Audio Group Denmark is introducing the first Axxess product series, Axxess Forté, which will also be on display in Munich. Axxess Forté is a streaming amplifier series that comes in three versions, Axxess Forté 1, 2 and 3. Axxess Forté stands out for its versatility in terms of its multifunctional features. It has a streamer and a DAC section, as well as an integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier. Utilizing Audio Group Denmark’s renowned development traditions in noise reduction and resonance control, and its overall pioneering approach to technological innovation, Axxess manifests its commitment to Audio Group Denmark’s values in producing hi-fi equipment that offers unsurpassed musical authenticity.

The new flagship series of loudspeakers: Børresen M3 and M6

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

The creation of the Børresen M1 loudspeaker was a dream project for chief designer Michael Børresen, but also the most ambitious loudspeaker project to date. The development approach and design philosophy for the M1 was to create a loudspeaker without economic and technological constraints and with unrivalled sound potential.

We had the great pleasure of presenting the prototype of the Børresen M1 in Munich last year and have since successfully brought it to market. Now, we are ready to expand this dream project with two more M series loudspeaker models, the M3 and the M6, and what better occasion to do so than High End Munich 2023. The technologies of the M3 and M6 are the same as those of the M1. However, one obvious difference between the M1, and the new M3 and M6 is the larger cabinet size and shape, which allows the use of more driver units.

The M3 is equipped with 4 unique 4.5″ M-series speaker drivers. These drivers are connected in series in pairs so that one pair acts as a bass/midrange and another pair acts as a bass speaker driver. The same principle applies to the M6, which features 6 unique 4.5″ M-series speaker drivers. These drivers are connected in series so that two units work together as bass/midrange drivers and the other 4 units work together as bass speaker drivers. This approach ultimately results in increased speed, precision, and depth, which enriches the speaker with much more musicality.

Larger Cabinet

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

The larger cabinet has also improved the ventilation behind the bass/midrange drivers. This provides less compression and thus a much faster and more agile speaker driver, which has a significantly positive impact on the overall sound image. Furthermore, the bass speaker drivers are equipped with a bass reflex section inside the cabinet, which ensures a dynamic and harmonious balance between midrange and bass.

Both the M3 and M6 designs are inspired by the M1 loudspeaker and are a logical extension of design elements that have proven to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also effective in terms of audio performance.

The Børresen M3 and M6 loudspeakers are an impressive example of Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to creating aesthetic design that enhances musical performance. A distinctive feature of the cabinet design is the recess on the back, which has a curved shape. This design element is inspired by the Børresen speaker stand and adds an additional touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the speaker.

The base of the speaker has been specially prepared for Ansuz Darkz, a technology that helps to better control resonance. This attention to detail not only improves the speaker’s sound quality, but also adds to its visual appeal.

Overall, the M3 and M6 speakers are the perfect blend of form and function, which reflects the excellent and highly productive partnership between two great minds in the audio industry – Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen. The sleek and elegant design of these speakers, combined with their outstanding audio performance, makes them a testament to Audio Group Denmark’s commitment to audio excellence.

The new X-series of loudspeakers: Børresen X6

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

A year ago, at High End Munich 2022, we proudly presented the first speaker in the X-series, the Børresen X3. The introduction of this new speaker series also marked the establishment of a new intro level in the Børresen speaker universe, serving as a clear manifestation of Audio Group Denmark’s vision to bring more people closer to music.

The task for Michael Børresen and his design team was to create a speaker series intended for a lower price segment, making their speakers accessible to more people, but still with the characteristic Børresen DNA and quality standards. To do this, they had to figure out which technologies and components from existing speaker models had the greatest positive impact on performance and which guaranteed the familiar Børresen qualities. The next task was to figure out how to make them more cost-effective without compromising the essence of the Børresen DNA.

Surpassing Expectations

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

We never doubted the unique qualities and unsurpassed performance of the X3 loudspeaker, but the enormously positive response from the hi-fi press, not to mention the feedback from audiophiles around the world, has been really overwhelming. At this year’s High End Munich, we proudly expand the X-series loudspeaker range and introduce the Børresen X6. The X6 speaker features the Børresen ribbon tweeter and is equipped with 6 of the 4.5″ X-series drivers. Compared to the X3 speaker, all technical elements are the same in the X6. The main difference is the larger cabinet, which allows the use of more driver units. These drivers are interconnected so that two units work together as bass/midrange and 4 units work together as bass speaker drivers. Similar to the M-series speakers, this approach ultimately results in increased speed, precision and depth enriching the speaker with much more musicality.

It is therefore a great pleasure for us to announce that at High End Munich 2023, we will once again be introducing a new X-series loudspeaker, the Børresen X6.

The next generation: Ansuz Power Distributors and PowerSwitches

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

Audio Group Denmark is very pleased to present in Munich the third generation of the Ansuz PowerSwitch series and Mainz8 Power Distributors, a result of the dedicated and persistent pursuit of ultimate, flawless sound quality.

In Ansuz’ quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, our engineers are constantly working on further technological advancements, based on an open-minded, innovative approach. The result is a creative and valuable development of unconventional audio technologies and designs that revolutionize the quality standards of high-end music reproduction. This continuous technological evolution means for Ansuz it is time to adopt and integrate these groundbreaking technological advances into a new generation of Ansuz PowerSwitches and Mainz8 Power Distributors. Again, Ansuz sets new standards for highest noise reduction and resonance control.

The new Ansuz Gold Signature series

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

This year, at the High End Munich, Ansuz presents in addition to the Ansuz Gold Signature cables introduced last year, the new Ansuz D-TC Gold Signature PowerBox, Powerswitch and Mainz8 Power Distributor. These products offer even more ways to elevate any audio system to a level of high-end performance never achieved before. The development of this new series was driven by Ansuz’s innate curiosity and experimental approach to new product development as well as its unwavering commitment to innovation.

Aavik’s flagship streamer/DAC unit: The Aavik SD-880

In 2022, we began to release the highly anticipated 880 series, a collection of high-end audio products developed in close collaboration between Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen.

Audio Group Denmark at the High End 2023

At the upcoming High End Munich, Aavik will introduce the newest member of the 880 series – the Aavik SD-880. The SD-880 is Aavik’s flagship streamer/DAC device and is designed to deliver exceptional musical performance with minimal noise. By integrating the streamer and DAC into a single device, any loss of musical information is avoided. The new Aavik DAC is a non-switching continuum processing DAC that effectively eliminates problems with time delays and unwanted noise.

To further enhance the musical experience, the incoming signal from the streamer to the DAC is sampled at an impressive 22 MHz, minimizing the influence of noise on the music signal. Ansuz noise reduction Tesla coil technology is utilized to eliminate any remaining noise, resulting in a captivating and immersive musical soundscape.

The SD-880’s streamer module is a dedicated audio unit, specially designed with high-quality capacitors and without the use of microcomputers. This configuration allows for a powerful signal processing system that significantly reduces unwanted noise.


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