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Auris HA-2 SE+ headphone amp

Auris HA-2SE+

Balanced Headphone Amplifier With Pre Out Option

 Auris presents the new HA-2SE+, a headphone amp based around Ei PL95 pentodes.

Auris HA-2 SE+ headphone amp


Auris HA-2SE+ is a balanced headphone amplifier with a Pre Out option. The tube complement is classic Auris, boasting four 7-pin Ei PL95 pentode power NOS (new old stock) tubes. These are the equivalent to 6DL5, and a single ECC81 dual-triode input tube, also known like 12AT7.

Transformers are the essence of quality. Therefore, products of Auris Audio contain only manually wound transformers on a double C core produced by Auris Audio. Every single transformer is manufactured in compliance with strictly defined requirements, thus providing almost a linear characteristic in the whole acoustic/sound range.

Auris HA-2 SE+ headphone amp


On the front panel, from left to right, you have the On/Off Switch, Input Selector, and 4-pin XLR balanced output. In the middle is the Volume Control and right next to it is the 6.3 mm single ended headphone output. On the right side is the Headphone Inpedance Selctor at 50/150/300/600 Ohm.

When viewing the unit from the top, you can see the five tubes (4 x PL95 and 1 x ECC81) that are centered on the design. They’re protected with a little grill, separating them from the controls.

On the back of the unit from left to right you can find the XLR and two RCA inputs. Here, you will also find the Pre Output. In the middle is the Tube EL 95 or PL 95 switch. On the right side us the Input Voltage Selector, Power Cord Inlet and the On/Off Switch.

Auris HA-2 SE+ headphone amp

Impendance Selector

To make your headphones shine at their best, the HA-2SE+ comes with an impedance switch. This allows you to select 50/150/300/600 Ohm according to the type of your headphones.


Vacuum tubes used in Auris Audio products are subject to individual testing and internal inspection, so that only selected and match-paired tubes of the best features are incorporated in our products.

The Auris HA-2SE+ of course is a tube amp and it uses four PL95 or EL95 power tubes together with an ECC81 input tube. The EL and PL95 tubes can both be used in the amplifier and you only have to flick the switch on the back as these tubes have different heater ratings.

Auris HA-2 SE+ headphone amp


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