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Goldmund Gaia and Pulp

Goldmund Gaia, Goldmund Pulp

Two new wireless active speakers

Swiss audio manufacturer Goldmund presents and inaugurates its brand new wireless active speakers Gaia and Pulp.

After two years of silence due to the pandemic, the leading high-end-manufacturer is stepping up to the plate. At the High End Munich, the world’s largest audio trade fair, Goldmund presented a preview of its new speakers. Goldmund unveils its latest creations: Gaia and Pulp.

Goldmund Gaia

Goldmund Gaia and Pulp

Being able to combine art and technology is the strength of Goldmund, which has developed the brand’s new flagship loudspeaker, Gaia, in its Geneva factory. In the wake of the Apologue and Epilogue models, Gaia is a brand-new reference model boasting contemporary 21st century aesthetic. Conceived and designed in collaboration with designer Cécile Barani, Gaia embodies femininity and elegance as well as power. As its Greek name suggests, its particularity lies in its sonic and aesthetic limpidity.

A majestic figure decorated with straight lines similar to the texture of rock, Gaia is a marvel of craftsmanship without any visible fasteners, thus demonstrating the Swiss audio brand’s own luxurious manufacturing. Thanks to Goldmund’s electroacoustic expert, Véronique Adam, Gaia is already one of the House’s iconic pieces. Using 8 drivers as well as 8 channels of their unique Telos amplifier and Alize DAC circuitry, the 5-way DSP active speaker produces a total of 2500 watts per channel with the added convenience of Goldmund’s exclusive wireless connection.

Goldmund Gaia and Pulp

Goldmund achieves the excellence of the sound and engineering of the speakers through the use of aluminium, a fundamental material that also features in the design of both the Gaia and the Pulp. The latter, smaller but just as impressive, marks a revival within the brand.

Goldmund Pulp

Goldmund Gaia and Pulp

Designed as a modern art object, Pulp unfolds like a sound punctuation. The special feature of its refined cylinders is the pivoting textile part that hides all the technical elements. This system offers a 360° readable object that you can place anywhere in the space. For the purists, the textile can be rotated to offer direct listening.

A concentration of Goldmund’s know-how, Pulp consists of the Telos amplifier and the latest digital inputs and wireless audio streams (Bluetooth aptX and WiSA). As an accessory, Pulp is also equipped with a HUB for WiSA multi-channel connectivity. This small, technologically advanced speaker will appeal to a whole new, more connected audience. Goldmund, with over 40 years of know-how and innovation, continues to grow while marking its time by creating unique collector’s items.

Goldmund Gaia and Pulp


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